The Old U(VA) and I: 1961-1965 by Frank Briggs
The author lays the foundation in his account of his own life as a student during the last years of the “Old U”—a period that came to a natural end. His telling is rich in details – in the names, dates, and places that will be familiar to anyone who was a student in those days, and he is strikingly candid. His stories of party weekends and road trips and life in the Beta house ring true because they are so convincingly his stories, even as they are also our own stories. His tales of coming of age, of the courses almost (and not quite) failed, friendships that endured, successes and failures that tied him to the place, and of the love affair that defines his entry into adult life come in powerfully honest forms. Frank tells what every reader who was there will remember about the Old U but tells without arguing the past was better than what came after. That’s a rare quality in a tale of growing up, and a good reason to read and follow Frank through the process.
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